21.01.2023 / 12 h.

Ayuntamiento de Albatera


Cartel del Evento

Throughout our history, America has answered the call when the world needs us. Such a moment is once again upon us. With vast energy resources and technological know-how, our nation is uniquely positioned to meet the world’s growing demand for affordable, reliable energy. At the same time, we must remain focused on the urgent challenge of climate change by developing and deploying the technologies needed to reduce emissions and decarbonize our economy. Fortunately, we can accomplish both imperatives by leveraging the power of the U.S. business community in partnership with our government.

Already the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas, the U.S. can do even more to shore up our own energy security while providing critical supplies to our allies and partners around the world. This, however, requires deliberate long-term planning and a partnership between government and industry to ensure we have the necessary infrastructure and policies in place.